First Aid Instructor Insurance

First Aid Training Consultants & Assessors Indemnity Insurance

An annual renewable policy arranged by DSC Insurance Services and underwritten by Novae Underwriting specifically for First Aid Consultants.

Malpractice insurance with Public & Products Liability extension.

  • Indemnifies your legal liability to pay damages in respect of accidental injury of any person and / or accidental damage to their property. £250 Property Damage excess applies
  • Cover is rated on the individuals First Aid activities and may, upon completion, be extended for additional therapy-related work subject to approval of your qualification/s
  • Cover may, upon application, be extended to include your activities if you are running a company, practice or training school
  • Cover is provided for Practitioners within Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands as standard and may, upon application, be extended to include the Republic of Ireland
  • Limit of indemnity £7,000,000 in all. Legal costs and expenses incurred in connection with any admitted claim will be paid in addition to this limit of indemnity
  • Cover may, upon application, be extended to include locum cover, allowing other trained First Aid Consultants to conduct occasional training sessions for you

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Products Liability

  • Your policy includes cover for products supplied in connection with normal First Aid teaching and / or other activities covered by this policy
  • Cover may, upon application, be extended to items that are sold to cover expenses, such as equipment, books, CD’s and tapes, etc
  • Businesses where the turnover exceeds £5000 plus the selling-on of products in connection with First Aid teaching or other activity covered by this policy, will require separate Products Liability Insurance from the Care-Sure Scheme
  • Limit of indemnity £7,000,000 in all plus Legal costs and expenses

Main Policy Exclusions

    (excludes legal liability)

  • Arising from risks that require more specific insurance, i.e. motor, marine, etc
  • Arising in connection with advice, design or specification provided for a fee
  • For injury to employees
  • Arising from loss of / or damage to property in your custody or control
  • Fines and penalties
  • Defective products and work and the repair, replacement or recall of same work
  • Some other specific events may be excluded or cover may be qualified

CARE-SURE Application form

If you are a First Aid trainer working for a Company or Sole Trader  and would like to apply for CARE-SURE Insurance cover you will need to download the application form here:

Price structure

   Option 1 : £159.28

I wish to apply for general first aid practice and assessment including my own First Aid activity in terms of both ‘Good Samaritan Acts’ and as a designated First Aid Professional and also to include First Aid Practitioner at ‘Events’.

   Option 2 : £183.92

As option (1) but also to include full Professional Indemnity as a First Aid Instructor. Such cover, will include advice given to provide indemnity against accusations of poor or inadequate teaching.

   Option 3 : £208.56

As option (2) but also to include Health and Safety Training/Manual Handling/Life Guard Training. Proof of qualifications required as well as the ‘Statement Of Fact’ form completed with this application.

Payment can be made by credit/debit card, BACS or cheque.
All insurance products are subject to acceptance and the terms and conditions of the underwriters.