Taking no prisoners with Nuco’s help

Darren Mitchell took charge of a new training career with NUCO’s help

At the age of 21, I joined Her Majesty’s Prison Service at a time when tAPPROVEDhe Government were doing mass recruitment of new officers, increasing the number of staff in establishments so that prisoners could have more purposeful activity hours out of cell.

Darren Mitchell CPR training

people-icon-40pxI gained many skills in my 22 year career with the service. I was promoted to a wing manager, managing the day to day activities of both staff and prisoners. In my last 4 years of service, because of my passion for exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle, I became a PE Officer.

Throughout my career I have taught many courses. For many years I taught the staff how to deal with violent and refractory prisoners, and assisted the national team in teaching the specialist riot training. I have also taught prisoners sports qualifications. I get great satisfaction in standing in front of a group and teaching them new things. It is rewarding to pass knowledge on, and see individuals succeed in achieving new qualifications.

To aid with my teaching, I obtained a level 3 teaching award and my A1 assessors award. I didn’t just want to be able to stand out at the front and teach, I wanted to learn how to teach in different ways to maintain interest within my learners. I then attained the level 4 CTTL’s teaching qualification.


In 2011 I started my own business MJD Training LTD. I was aware of the respect that NUCO Training had as the professional provider to Her Majesty’s Prison Service, so when I decided to teach first aid as part of the business, I signed up to their first aid instructors course.

NUCO provide excellent support for all their instructors. They are only a phone call away and will help in any way they can. They have loads of instructor tools to help you regardless if you are employed or self employed. Within the last year I have also become one of NUCO’s lead trainers, travelling around the country, teaching first aid, AED, oxygen therapy, anaphylaxis and also getting learners through their level 3 qualification in education and training.

Recently I have taken on the role for NUCO as one of their trainers in the level 3 Health and Safety Compliance training course.

There is always something new with NUCO. They have helped me immensely not only with my own company and development of my business, but also with the work that I do for them. There is life after the security of a long career. All you need is the drive, and enthusiasm to go out there and do it. It does not happen overnight. But with determination and the help from NUCO, for me it has become a reality.

For more information on Darren’s company visit www.mjdtraining.com