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Adrian is one of our highly qualified Lead Trainers operating from Staffordshire and has been with Nuco Training since 2006.

When did you first learn first aid and why?

Rapidly approaching my (first) half century and desperately trying to find the breaks!
I joined the Army in 1982 and still serving to date, around 5 years left to push and I think I could safely say ‘I’ve done my bit’. I currently work shifts which allows me the time to pursue other ventures including First Aid and Health and Safety training, volunteering as a community first responder with WMAS in Staffordshire and having the odd ride on my bike.

I started my own first aid training company in 2005 after qualifying with Nuco Training in Telford. My interest was sparked when I attended a first aid course whilst based in London, I thought “I could do this” so gave it a try and enrolled on to a course. I soon realised that there is more to first aid than popping on a plaster and turning someone into the recovery position. In fact the more I think about it the more I realise how important the subject is.

What made you choose to become a first aid instructor/trainer?

I can remember the first time I was trained in first aid as a marine cadet in 1978, I’ve still got some of the notes! We were still being taught the Holger Nielson method of resuscitation back then, how things have changed. That leads in to the question I hear on nearly every first aid course I run, has the training changed again? The answer is simple, it may have since you were last trained but only because better techniques have been developed.

Without wanting to sound melodramatic, I believe most people realise that in many circumstances first aiders can make the difference between life and death. I, as I am sure many other trainers have had a personal experience, where first aiders that I have trained have saved lives. This clearly enforces the fact that those teaching first aid must be at the top of their game at all times, it’s quite a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, no short cuts and never assume knowledge.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a first aid trainer?

Some of the most fulfilling experiences I have is whilst supporting the ambulance service as a CFR. It’s good to be able to help people in distress whilst waiting for a regular ambulance to arrive. Nearly 10 years as a volunteer has affirmed that many of the skills I have learnt as a hands on CFR can reap the benefits in my training. If I was to encourage someone looking to become a trainer I would suggest they attend a basic first aid course first, to see if it’s a subject you they would be happy to teach to others. I would also tell them to make sure to know your subject and stick to the criteria.

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