First Aider for Mental Health – 50mm pin badges

First Aider for Mental Health – 50mm pin badges
03 Aug 2023

As part of our continuous effort to promote mental health awareness and recognise the achievements of learners, we are excited to introduce our new ‘First Aider for Mental Health’ 50mm pin badges.

These specially designed badges symbolise advocacy, understanding, and readiness to assist in mental health emergencies. They’re not only a badge of honour but also an emblem of responsibility.

Why ‘First Aider for Mental Health’ Badges?

These badges are ideal tokens to provide to your learners upon the completion of their training. By wearing this badge, your learners demonstrate their capability to respond effectively to mental health crises, promoting awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental health.

Features and Pricing of the Badges

The badges are made with a thoughtful blend of aesthetic appeal and symbolism. They’re durable, versatile, and the perfect size to stand out on any garment or bag. The badges are sold individually at £2.39 each (£1.99 excluding VAT). We understand the need for affordability, especially when buying in bulk, so we are pleased to offer volume discounts for larger orders.

How to Order

You can order these badges directly from our online store. Remember, these badges should only be purchased and distributed by instructors who have completed our Mental Health First Aid training to ensure proper usage and representation.

We believe that these badges will not only serve as a celebration of your learners’ achievements but also foster a greater sense of community and awareness about mental health.


Digital ‘First Aider for Mental Health’ Badge for Email Signatures

In addition to our physical badges, we have also created a digital version of the ‘First Aider for Mental Health’ badge. This badge can be displayed on your email signature, symbolising your dedication to mental health awareness and readiness to your email recipients. Best of all, this digital badge is available free of charge. Display it with pride and help us continue spreading awareness for mental health.

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