Blended (online) First Aid training for Nuco trained instructors

Blended (online) First Aid training for Nuco trained instructors
14 Jan 2021

There are restrictions on us all, due to the ongoing coronavirus situation and limiting the contact time within a classroom can help to minimise the risks of Trainer/Assessors and learners contracting the virus.

Because of this, we are able to allow a blended learning approach to delivering first aid. This approach involves delivery of the theoretical aspects of the qualifications through webinar software, such as Zoom.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) allow blended learning for first aid, but have a number of restrictions that we must ensure are met: 

First aid qualifications, such as the FAA Award in First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work, must have a minimum of two-thirds of the training time conducted face to face in the classroom with a maximum of one third allowed through webinar training (i.e.Emergency First Aid at Work must have a minimum of 4 hours face-to-face classroom teaching/assessment, and FAW 2 days face-to-face and one day via webinar)

For paediatric first aid, in line with DfE recommendations, the Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hour) course can only be delivered face-to-face in a classroom. Blended learning is allowed for the full Paediatric First Aid (12-hour course) with a minimum of 6 hours of face-to-face classroom training required.

To enable Trainers to meet these requirements, FAA have created guidance that states which modules can and cannot be taught through a blended learning approach.

If you wish to adopt this method, Trainer/Assessors should approach this in exactly the same way as they would a classroom-based course, but via a webinar to the learners for the permissible time.

Trainer/Assessors must refer to the FAA guidance and only deliver the sessions as detailed in the appropriate table.

No practical elements can be delivered through a webinar.

This blended learning approach reduces the time required in the classroom and therefore minimises the risks associated with coronavirus. 

If you have any questions or need any additional information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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