Danniella Yeo Instructor Profile

Danniella Yeo is one of our highly qualified Lead Trainers operating from Nottinghamshire and has been with Nuco Training since 1999.

When did you first learn First Aid and why?

My first brush with First Aid was as a teenager, when I did some volunteering with the St Johns Ambulance. This carried on for several years until I joined the ambulance service. My real first Aid career began in 1995, after the birth of my second daughter, when I started working part time at a local leisure centre as a sports coach. As part of my coaching qualification I was required to have a basic first Aid certificate but was offered the opportunity, by the leisure centre, to become a lifeguard due to my background in the ambulance service.

What made you choose to become a First Aid Instructor Trainer?

After leaving my role in Community Health Promotions, to make my training business full time, I was looking for new challenges. I have been with Nuco Training since 1999 and during a technical update Darren Coombs (Training Manager) sparked my interest in passing on some of my experience in delivery. I found the idea appealing as I had experienced many of the obstacles we help new instructors overcome.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a First Aider Instructor?

Go for it! It has given me an interesting and rewarding career. My top tips would be preparation and courage:
Preparation in everything from your delivery to your candidate’s satisfaction. Remember what put you off training and seek to improve on it by utilising the skills learnt on your instructor training.
Courage to give the facts as you know them and to be brave enough to say ‘I’m not sure but I will find out’. We are here to help and support you even after your initial course has finished. I was always glad of the backup and technical knowledge when I started training.

Danniella Yeo

Danniella’s training skills