2015 Resuscitation guidelines

2015 Resuscitation guidelines
29 Oct 2015

The 15th October 2015 was a date of great significance for our industry, as it saw the latest protocol changes from The Resuscitation Council (UK).

Nuco Training are working on updating all of the resources to meet these protocol changes. As soon as they are available, we will be notifying instructors with a link to download the latest updates to your teaching resources.

Download the summary here – Please click here to see the changes in full.

The industry has until the end of December 2016 to implement all of the changes, but as industry leaders at Nuco Training, we are expecting to have all resources updated by the end of November 2015, making them available for our instructors to download and implement into training as soon as possible.

Although the changes at first glance seem minimal, there are a lot of subtle updates to the guidance. Because of this, we are taking our time in ensuring that the changes are reflected accurately in all of our materials.

Article courtesy of The Resuscitation Council (UK)


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