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Brian Adamson, Ambulance Technician and First Aid Trainer

My 12 year relationship with Nuco Training began on my way to the first week of University, where I made a detour en-route, missing the beginning of fresher’s week, to attend one of Nuco Training’s First Aid Instructor Courses.


I have been a Paramedic for 15 years now and love my job. I have been concerned over the years at the lack of First Aid training.

Before joining the Ambulance Service I worked for the railway and had attended various courses, including First Aid, where it was either death by PowerPoint or the trainer was so uninteresting that many people on the course were struggling to keep their eyes open.

rob mcewan

After 20 years in the Army, NUCO trained Robert McEwan to deliver first aid training and qualifications at home and abroad

Back in January 2013 I was on tranche 3 of the redundancy list of the army cuts. It was a shock: the army was all I had known for 20 years and I’d joined at 18. In my final year I was posted to RAF St Mawgan Defence Sere Training organisation (DSTO) as a survival instructor in Cornwall. I had two options; wait until June to find out if I was selected for compulsory redundancy and be out the following year, or volunteer for redundancy and get just 6 months to find a new career path.

First aid for horse riders CPR

Nuco graduate Kay Patterson turned her passions into a business

After being in the ambulance service for over 10 years, I did some guest lecturing at the local university to paramedic students. It awoke a new ambition in me: I wanted to teach as a career. I knew the time was right to move forward.