Learning Real Life Skills

Brian Adamson, Ambulance Technician and First Aid Trainer

My approved-icon-40px12 year relationship with Nuco Training began on my way to the first week of University, where I made a detour en-route, missing the beginning of fresher’s week, to attend one of Nuco Training’s First Aid Instructor Courses. The course simplified and honed in on what we are looking for from all first aid skills. I appreciated the hands on practical approach to teaching and learning and the quality of resources and support material. This qualification has enabled me to continually gain clients that renew their training with me throughout University and until present day.

people-icon-40pxNuco supported me through my first courses as an instructor and gave me the exposure to deliver training to multinational organisations; they boosted my confidence in the classroom by sharing new teaching ideas. They ensure I always know the latest industry news, with an experienced instructor training team on hand to guide and support me.

Since moving to the South West I have gained considerable experience in varied pre-hospital settings. I am into my 9th year as a lifeboat crewman. I have also been fortunate enough to be invited to many national events providing water safety or medical support to participants.

I have spent five full summer seasons on the north coast of Cornwall’s beaches Lifeguarding, seeing minor and major first aid incidents on a daily basis, I took the decision to further my training in Cape Town, South Africa, qualifying as an Institute of Health Care Development Ambulance Technician.


Nuco First Aid Instructor

This training made me reflect on my own and others practices. One of the lasting memories is not about the instructor’s experience and stories, but the student’s ability to care for and manage their patients. Since returning from South Africa I have thought about providing best patient care and resilience in pre-hospital settings. As such I have started up Rescue Respect, identifying needs and developing products for the prehospital settings.

After 12 years using Nuco Training, I feel I have been heavily supported by their professional and dynamic thinking approach to First Aid training. Being able to utilise their instructor resource webpage I have been able to develop my clinical and professional skill set as part of continuous professional development (CPD).

Attending and delivering Nuco Training can be easily managed whilst being in full time employment and has the flexibility to enable you to become your own boss. Aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs will find Nuco Training to be an industry respected organisation which will be key to building a highly credible professional portfolio, rapidly expanding your business.

From my involvement with training and front line with the ambulance service I have been inspired to  improve patient’s Care and survival.  One initiative I have founded is Have a Heart Save a Life UK looking at non clinical interventions to improve cardiac arrest survival, raising the profile of public access defibrillators and  highlighting the need for signage to enable the emergency services to find and help you more quickly.